At Entryway, we counsel a broad range of students, from those with severe learning disabilities to those aiming for the Ivy League. Each applicant brings a unique set of strengths and weaknesses in both the academic and the extracurricular spheres and we have placed students at many different types of schools, colleges and universities throughout the U.S. and abroad. Our aim is to find the right fit for each student.

Our strategy—“be alike but spike”—underlies all of our services. Students who get into top schools are “alike” in certain key ways—that is, they all meet certain minimum standards of academic excellence, test performance, and extracurricular leadership involvement—but also “spike,” or excel, in other, more distinctive ways. Many students arrive at our offices convinced that they are exactly the same as all their friends, with no unique hobbies or pursuits. After a little digging, however, genuine interests emerge and we help students explore and expand these interests, so that they evolve from hobbies into passions. This combination of being alike and spiking, of fitting in and standing out, makes our approach to admissions highly successful.


We then guide applicants and families through each step of the application process, helping them strategically assess choices from both a short-term and a long-term perspective.

Above all, we try to remove the stress from the admissions process by empowering families with reliable information and a proven strategy for success in college admissions and beyond.

Our services include:

College Admissions

Graduate School Admissions

Career Counseling