Be Alike but Spike

More than ever, it's necessary to approach college admissions with a smart step-by-step strategy.

Students accepted at top schools are “alike” in certain key ways—that is, they all meet minimum standards of academic excellence, test performance, and extracurricular leadership.

However, just being “alike” or fitting in with other top students is not enough; admissions officers routinely claim that more than 80 percent of applicants fit in. Successful applicants also have to stand out, or “spike”  in some specific area.

What does this mean?

First, we help students “be alike.”

By advising on class choices, standardized test timelines, tutors, letters of recommendation, best practices to maximize grades, in-school leadership, and more, we ensure that students are at par with their peers in all areas.

Just as important, we ensure that students develop a unique and distinctive “spike.”

Many of our students start out convinced that they are exactly the same as all their friends, with no unique hobbies or pursuits. After a little digging, however, genuine interests emerge and we help students expand these interests, so that they evolve from hobbies into passions.

From internships to lab work, mentorships with college professors to creating classes for underserved kids, there are numerous paths to layer and deepen your spike.

This combination of being alike and spiking, of fitting in and standing out, makes our approach to admissions highly successful. Following these steps will ensure that when you’re ready to apply, you will have an application that is deeply attractive to colleges, stands out from the pool, and results in success.

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