What people are saying about us.

How do we begin to thank you for giving Serena your heart and soul? We are forever
grateful to you for all your time, patience, and devotion that you dedicated to her to
ensure she got into the college of her dreams. You are the best!! Thank you so much for
caring and for never giving up. There are no words to describe just how appreciative we
are. Get ready for Tom!

Where do I begin? I can’t thank you enough for your incredible support of the Taylor Family over so many years. You were such a sage and steady guide for our girls – there with the (not always easy to hear) feedback, the gentle nudge to get things done, and the warm supportive boost when needed. Katie has been so thankful for all your time and effort around this process. You provided wonderful structure and feedback for her – a sounding board that provided that all-important non-parental perspective. She really listened to you! Thank you, thank you! We can’t wait to celebrate with you soon! it’s been a very long journey together. I look forward to relaxing together and discussing life other than college applications!!!

I would like to give you a super thank you! The learning process, the knowledge you impart and the training of the thought process, is unrivaled. I see you in the email below and all the skills you have taught Alexa, and to think she is in college and using them. What you taught her is priceless.

We are all thrilled with Dylan’s early acceptance at Columbia! The news will brighten our holidays. Thank you for all of your assistance throughout the application process. Although all of your guidance was helpful, the way you thought about Dylan’s activities and used specific aspects of his resume to create a powerful narrative thread in his application was particularly insightful and valuable.

You have provided support and guidance (and encouragement and confidence) in a way that was quite simply beyond my capability. I cannot express how very appreciative I am for all you have done for them and so for me!

J. has 6 acceptances:  Dartmouth, Penn, Northwestern, UVa, Middlebury and Villanova. He is extremely happy with his results. Of course, he would not have these wonderful options without all of the guidance you provided to him and to us. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!

I want to thank you for everything you did with Clara. Regardless of where she does or doesn’t get into for college, on a personal level you did an amazing job working with her over and above the college “stuff.” You definitely struck some chords that needed to be and to your credit, you made a symphony out of them. The website idea, wow and then based on that, Clara being asked to speak at Yale! You did a lot for her personal growth and with getting her in touch with some very strong feelings that she has. You’re a gem. Wherever she goes to school, she will do well. I am confident of that. Thank you.

Thank you so much for all your advice. It obviously made all the difference. You are more of a therapist, helping the child express his true self, in the best way possible. A real person emerged from his essays and record, and it is all thanks to your patience and encouragement. Grant is not introspective and I remember sitting in your office, it was like pulling teeth to have Grant venture forth and show himself. There is no question that the program started a chain of experiences that together added up to a very attractive prospect. MANY THANKS!!

Your kind patience, generosity and loving heart inspires us all. We will always appreciate what you have done from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you for your time and effort for Michael. We love you dearly more than you will ever know. We will miss you!!

Lastly, on a personal note, I felt working with you allowed for a bonding experience with my girls that I could not have imagined. We look forward to the opportunity to work together again on post-graduate plans!!

Thank you again for all you’ve done! We could not have gone through this process without you. You are my security blanket! Can I keep calling you for your advice, even though my daughter has been accepted?

Thank you so much for your help in this difficult process. You combined the best of wise advice with a dose of gentle therapy. Julie was like a deer in the headlights, but much to our delight, she has been accepted at Brown, her top choice school.

You continue to lead the way with such soul and integrity. Most importantly your interest in having Peter learn and grow within himself from this experience is the real gift. He has been exposed to understanding a greater level of consciousness within himself - and thus he evolves in mind, body and spirit which is what ultimately impacts him the most and becomes one of the most beneficial life-changing experiences for him.

We are beyond grateful to know you. Thank you for your ongoing inspiration.

A sincere thank you for your help, guidance, and occasional therapy (for me) during Scott’s college application process. You were always there, enormously helpful, ready and willing. Of course, it was a fantastic result, reaching our highest hopes. Thank you!

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